Rasha Hamid attended New York City public schools before earning a bachelor’s degree in Africana Studies and Education at Vassar College, and a master’s degree in Special Education at Bank Street College of Education. Rasha has developed her practice in classrooms in East Harlem, Hamilton Heights, Khartoum, and Brooklyn for over 25 years. Rasha considers herself an educator-activist—someone who works to make the world more just, joyful, equitable, and sustainable through the education of children and grownups. 

Rasha began creating picture books with her classes to fill the need for books reflecting her students, their experiences, and their passions. Rasha self-published her first picture book, Kadisa كديسة. Rasha's second picture book, How to Bird will be released by Free Spirit Press in Fall of 2023.

Rasha is proud to be the autistic mom of an autistic young adult. Autism and birding are two of Rasha’s special interests. Rasha also loves baking, making music, and creating all kinds of art.
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