Birding for everyone, everywhere.

Birding is a joyful, wonder-filled activity that anyone can do. Featuring the skyline and natural spaces of New York City, How to Bird invites children to explore birdwatching, with each page featuring a new birding strategy. A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that seeing and hearing birds makes us happier, and this book shows how everyone, wherever they live, can be a birder.

Birding is a fun and accessible practice for coping with stress, practicing mindfulness, and getting outdoors, and How to Bird shares how to get started and empowers children to find joy in birdwatching.

How to Bird is a culturally relevant, lyrical, succinct, and direct procedural text on birding strategies. Perfect for classroom libraries, this book can be a mentor text for educators teaching procedural writing in kindergarten through third-grade classes.
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